Tyre Size Calculator V2: Wishlist

I’m currently working on version 2 of the Tyre Size Calculator, it’ll fix some inconsistencies in the current version and add a few new features that commentors have asked for e.g.

  • Bike Tyres
  • Mud Tyres

I’m also thinking of adding the option to specify the wheel width so you can see how fat or stretched the selected tyre size will be on a given wheel width.

If anybody has any comments of suggestions then feel free to post them below πŸ™‚

53 thoughts on “Tyre Size Calculator V2: Wishlist”

  1. would be nice if the graphics include the type of vehicle and different rim shown fitted so that we can actually see our vehicle is shown with the type of rims selected.

  2. I’d like to be able to change from mph to kph, and also change the speeds like at 10kph, 15kph, 40kph or 100kph. I also like your ides of seeing how sterched a tire will be. that would be good.

  3. a nice bit to add would be… I know what my “Factory” wheel and tire sizes are, if I want to increase the radius of the wheel, what size tire would I need to keep the same rolling radius as my current stock set up.

  4. Hi there, is there any chance of getting a copy of this calculator? It is the BEST thing I have seen on the web to help me with working out stuff but unfortunately I am pretty far off the road and dont have internet. Any chance of being able to get it ?

    1. Hi Jimmy. I’ve been emailed a few times about this but I’m reluctant to release a flash executable as the calculator accounts for about 80% of my sites overall traffic and at the moment the resulting ad revenue is paying for my hosting. I’ll keep your request in mind and may release a cut-down version of the old calculator once the new one is ready πŸ™‚

    2. That would be grand! Really appreciate it if you are able to let the old one out when the new one comes in πŸ™‚ It’s a really top notch little program!!

    3. Maybe you should develop it as an iPhone app, and sell it on the Apple App Store. That way you can still make a few bucks, and keep us tyre nuts happy.

    4. Hi netminder,

      This is the first time I’ve checked my blog in at least a month. My daughter was born three weeks ago, 4 weeks early so I’ve been super busy elsewhere.

      I’ve a couple of completely unrelated iPhone apps in the pipe that are only about 10% finished. Once I’ve finished them and I’m comfortable with the submission process I’ll definately think about doing the tyre calc as an app. Dunno if it’d be worth 59p/99c tho.

  5. I would like to suggested you to enable us to fit or select the rim type as well. So, we may select the best rim that nice to be fit to our vehicles and know what best behind it with your powerful calculus..
    You may link it with rim manufacturer or supplier. At the same time U might be their sole distributor or agent thru web or online! Seem cousin of e-bay…..cheese !

    1. Hi Nicerule,

      Thats a good idea, ambitious… but good. I’ve already had a few companies interested in using my calculator but so far I’ve declined, the amount of time I have to spend on these little projects is decreasing quickly as I’m soon to be a father so right now I’m hoping I can just get V2 finished before then!

      PS, do you run paultan.org? Its an excellent site πŸ™‚

  6. Any chance of getting a conversion rate for tyres that are labelled 31 x 10.5 x 15 or similar, so going from 235/75 R15 to 30 x 9.50 x15 could possibly be helpfull or indeed many many other sizes.

    1. Hi Sergey,

      Unfortunately I do not give out the code for my utility. The calculator generates most of the money to pay for my hosting at the moment so I don’t want to reduce that by handing the code out.

      I’ll email you at the address you provided about a branded version tho.

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