Wallpaper: VW Corrado at Knockhill Scottish VAG Day

Photographer: Andrew Gail

Static shot of a VW Corrado taken at a Scottish VAG Day at Knockhill Racing Circuit in Fife, Scotland.

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VW Corrado Widescreen Wallpaper – 1920x1200
Widescreen – 1920x1200
VW Corrado Widescreen Wallpaper – 1280x800
Widescreen – 1280x800
VW Corrado Fullscreen Wallpaper – 1600x1200
Fullscreen – 1600x1200
VW Corrado Fullscreen Wallpaper – 1280x1024
Fullscreen – 1280x1024
VW Corrado Fullscreen Wallpaper – 1280x960
Fullscreen – 1280x960
VW Corrado Fullscreen Wallpaper – 1024x768
Fullscreen – 1024x768
VW Corrado HDTV Wallpaper Wallpaper – 1080p
HDTV – 1080p
VW Corrado HDTV Wallpaper – 720p
HDTV – 720p
VW Corrado Dual Monitor Wallpaper – 2560x1024
Dual Monitor – 2560x1024