Tyre Size Calculator V2: Wishlist

I’m currently working on version 2 of the Tyre Size Calculator, it’ll fix some inconsistencies in the current version and add a few new features that commentors have asked for e.g.

  • Bike Tyres
  • Mud Tyres

I’m also thinking of adding the option to specify the wheel width so you can see how fat or stretched the selected tyre size will be on a given wheel width.

If anybody has any comments of suggestions then feel free to post them below 🙂

New electric superbike: EV-o RR

I know the sites tag-line is “Stuff about cars” and I’m really not a bike person but interest was definitely piqued when reading Wired’s story about Evo Design Solutions new EV-o RR. The EV-o RR is an electric GP bike designed to compete in the new TTXGP, a zero-emissions grand prix to be held after the main Isle of Man TT Event in June 2009.
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