Nissan Skyline R32 RB26DETT ECU Pinouts

The following diagram and pinout reference should help you work out what does what. Handy if your making a field harness or installing a programmable ECU. I’ve numbered and colour coded the pins in figure 1 for easy matching against the pinout table below.

Figure 1:

RB26DETT ECU Pinout reference diagram

Pinout Table

101W/LInjector # 1 Control Signal
103W/RInjector # 3 Control Signal
104LGFuel Pump Terminal Voltage Control Output (FPCM) 1
105YInjector # 2 Control Signal
106G/WFuel Pump Terminal Voltage Control Output (FPCM) 2
107B/RInjector Ground
108B/RInjector Ground
109B/WInjector Power Supply (Counter Electromotive Reflex Circuit)
110W/GInjector # 5 Control Signal
112W/BInjector # 6 Control Signal
114W/LInjector # 4 Control Signal
116B/RInjector Ground
1L/OIgnition Signal # 1
2LIgnition Signal # 5
3L/RIgnition Signal # 3
4L/GAAC Valve
6BSub Electrical Fan Relay (Engine Temperature Switch)
7Y/RTachometer Signal Output
9L/GAir Conditioner Relay (AC Cut Signal)
10B/YIgnition Signal System Ground
11L/WIgnition Signal # 6
12L/BIgnition Signal # 2
13L/YIgnition Signal # 4
16OECU Relay
17Injection Pulse Signal (Ti Monitor)
18B/PFuel Pump Relay
19SBPower Steering Oil Pressure Switch
20B/YIgnition Signal System Ground
21Y/GReceive (Control Unit Data Reception) RX
22YTransmit (Data Sent From Control Unit) TX
23W/RDetonation Sensor (Cylinders 1-3)
24W/RDetonation Sensor (Cylinders 4-6)
25L/YWastegate Valve Control Solenoid Valve
26W/RAir Flow Meter Ground
27BAir Flow Meter Intake Air Quantity Signal (Rear)
28Y/GEngine Temperature Sensor Signal
29ClearExhaust Gas Sensor Signal (Front)
30BSensor Ground (tps, Coolant Temp.)
31Y/RClock (Synchronization Signal) CLK
32O/BMalfunction Indicator Lamp
34WAir Flow Meter Ground
35OAir Flow Meter Intake Air Quantity Signal (Front)
36SBIntake Air Temperature Sensor Signal
37Air Flow Meter
38WThrottle Sensor Signal Opening Output
41G/BCrank Angle Sensor (120 Degree Signal)
42G/YCrank Angle Sensor (1 Degree Signal)
43B/YIgnition Switch (START Signal)
44G/ONeutral Position Switch
45B/RIgnition Switch (IGN)
46LG/RAir Conditioner Switch Signal
47Y/PUCheck (Diagnosis Activation) CHK
48YThrottle Sensor Power Supply
49B/WECU Power
50BECU Ground
51G/BCrank Angle Sensor (120 Degree Signal)
52G/YCrank Angle Sensor (1 Degree Input)
53Y/GVehicle Speed Sensor
54LGThrottle Valve Switch (Idle Contact Point)
55ClearExhaust Gas Sensor Signal (Rear)
56PUThrottle Sensor Output Signal
57G/RThrottle Valve Switch Power Supply
58W/BBattery Power Supply
59B/WECU Power
60BECU Ground



The source for this information came from a spreadsheet I came across a while ago, I have checked the information here to the best of my ability against various sources on the internet. As a result I cannot guarantee that the information above is indisputable. The author of the original spreadsheet is unknown.

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