Nissan 180SX S13 1991-1996 SR20DET ECU Pinouts

The following diagram and pinout reference is for the 1991 to 1996 S13 with a redtop/blacktop SR20DET enginshould help you work out what does what. Handy if your making a field harness or installing a programmable ECU. I’ve numbered and colour coded the pins in figure 1 for easy matching against the pinout table below.

Figure 1:

180SX SR20DET Redtop ECU Pinout reference diagram

Pinout Table

101W/BFuel Injector # 1 Drive Input
102O/LEAI AIV Control Solenoid Output
103G/BFuel Injector # 3 Drive Input
104B/PFuel Pump Relay
105R/WFuel Pressure Control Module
106G/YA/C Relay
107BFuel Injector Ground
108BFuel Injector Ground
109RECU Current Return
110Y/BFuel Injector # 2 Drive Input
111O/BTurbo Boost Pressure Control Solenoid
112L/BFuel Injector # 4 Drive Input
113SBAuxiliary Air Control, Idle Speed Control
114Br/Y(unknown function)
116BFuel Injector Ground
1R/WIgnition Signal # 1
2R/YIgnition Signal # 2
3Y/RTachometer Signal Output
4R/BECU Relay
6BIgnition Signal Ground
7G/BReceive (Control Unit Data Reception) RX
8R/GIgnition Signal # 3
9R/LIgnition Signal # 4
10G/YA/C Relay
12P/BAutomatic Transmission Gear Select
13BIgnition Signal Ground
14G/WClock (Synchronization Signal) CLK
15GTransmit (Data Sent From Control Unit) TX
16WMass Air Flow Sensor Signal Input
17BMass Air Flow Sensor Ground
18L/OEngine Coolant Temperature Sensor Input
19WOxygen Sensor Input
20WThrottle Position Sensor
21BSensor Ground
22WCam Angle Sensor 180 Degree Signal
23G/RCLK Data Link Connector For Nissan Consult
24/Malfunction Indicator Lamp (Add Wire For Check Engine Light)
25O/BExhaust Over Temp Warning Lamp Output
26L/YExhaust Temperature Sensor
27WDetonation/ Knock Sensor Input
28W/LAutomatic Transmission TPS (Kick Down Switch)
29BSensor Ground
30WCam Angle Sensor 180 Degree Signal
31BCam Angle Sensor 1 Degree Signal
32Y/GVehicle Speed Sensor
34OStart Signal
35G/OPark/ Neutral Position Switch
36B/RIgnition Switch
37Lg/RThrottle Position Sensor Power Output
38B/WECU Power
39BECU Ground
40BCam Angle Sensor 1 Degree Signal
41L/GA/C ON Switch
42Br/YAutomatic Transmission Gear Select
43Pu/WPower Steering Oil Pressure Switch (Helps Idle When Turning Wheels)
44Lg/RAutomatic Transmission Gear Select
45L/WIntake Air Temperature Sensor
46RECU Backup Power
47B/WECU Power
48BECU Ground



The source for this information came from a spreadsheet I came across a while ago and has not been thouroughly checked. The author of the original spreadsheet is unknown.

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