Nissan 180SX S13 1991-1996 SR20DET ECU Pinouts

The following diagram and pinout reference is for the 1991 to 1996 S13 with a redtop/blacktop SR20DET enginshould help you work out what does what. Handy if your making a field harness or installing a programmable ECU. I’ve numbered and colour coded the pins in figure 1 for easy matching against the pinout table below.

Figure 1:

180SX SR20DET Redtop ECU Pinout reference diagram

Pinout Table

Pin Wire Description
101 W/B Fuel Injector # 1 Drive Input
102 O/L EAI AIV Control Solenoid Output
103 G/B Fuel Injector # 3 Drive Input
104 B/P Fuel Pump Relay
105 R/W Fuel Pressure Control Module
106 G/Y A/C Relay
107 B Fuel Injector Ground
108 B Fuel Injector Ground
109 R ECU Current Return
110 Y/B Fuel Injector # 2 Drive Input
111 O/B Turbo Boost Pressure Control Solenoid
112 L/B Fuel Injector # 4 Drive Input
113 SB Auxiliary Air Control, Idle Speed Control
114 Br/Y (unknown function)
116 B Fuel Injector Ground
1 R/W Ignition Signal # 1
2 R/Y Ignition Signal # 2
3 Y/R Tachometer Signal Output
4 R/B ECU Relay
6 B Ignition Signal Ground
7 G/B Receive (Control Unit Data Reception) RX
8 R/G Ignition Signal # 3
9 R/L Ignition Signal # 4
10 G/Y A/C Relay
12 P/B Automatic Transmission Gear Select
13 B Ignition Signal Ground
14 G/W Clock (Synchronization Signal) CLK
15 G Transmit (Data Sent From Control Unit) TX
16 W Mass Air Flow Sensor Signal Input
17 B Mass Air Flow Sensor Ground
18 L/O Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Input
19 W Oxygen Sensor Input
20 W Throttle Position Sensor
21 B Sensor Ground
22 W Cam Angle Sensor 180 Degree Signal
23 G/R CLK Data Link Connector For Nissan Consult
24 / Malfunction Indicator Lamp (Add Wire For Check Engine Light)
25 O/B Exhaust Over Temp Warning Lamp Output
26 L/Y Exhaust Temperature Sensor
27 W Detonation/ Knock Sensor Input
28 W/L Automatic Transmission TPS (Kick Down Switch)
29 B Sensor Ground
30 W Cam Angle Sensor 180 Degree Signal
31 B Cam Angle Sensor 1 Degree Signal
32 Y/G Vehicle Speed Sensor
34 O Start Signal
35 G/O Park/ Neutral Position Switch
36 B/R Ignition Switch
37 Lg/R Throttle Position Sensor Power Output
38 B/W ECU Power
39 B ECU Ground
40 B Cam Angle Sensor 1 Degree Signal
41 L/G A/C ON Switch
42 Br/Y Automatic Transmission Gear Select
43 Pu/W Power Steering Oil Pressure Switch (Helps Idle When Turning Wheels)
44 Lg/R Automatic Transmission Gear Select
45 L/W Intake Air Temperature Sensor
46 R ECU Backup Power
47 B/W ECU Power
48 B ECU Ground



The source for this information came from a spreadsheet I came across a while ago and has not been thouroughly checked. The author of the original spreadsheet is unknown.

2 thoughts on “Nissan 180SX S13 1991-1996 SR20DET ECU Pinouts”

  1. Question – using an AEM uego, can I use the 0-5v output and run it into pin 19 and have the ecu read the output and use the uego in place of the stock, narrow band sensor?

    1. No you can’t. Narrowband sensors use the 0-1v range. Wideband is 0-5v range. So it wouldn’t work. Many wideband controllers have a simulated 0-1v narrowband output though, so you can wire the simulated output to the right ecu pin and the 0-5v to your gauge and/or datalogger. If you have an aftermarket ecu, many can take the 0-5v input.

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