New electric superbike: EV-o RR

I know the sites tag-line is “Stuff about cars” and I’m really not a bike person but interest was definitely piqued when reading Wired’s story about Evo Design Solutions new EV-o RR. The EV-o RR is an electric GP bike designed to compete in the new TTXGP, a zero-emissions grand prix to be held after the main Isle of Man TT Event in June 2009.

The EV-o RR makes use of some unique design features that at first glance may seem cutting edge, they have been around for a long time. Evo Design Solutions use a monocoque chassis which allows them to dispense with the familiar frame of a regular bike. This allows more room to house batteries and electric motors (yes that is a plural, there’s no word on why they’re using two as yet), whilst also reducing weight and increasing the stiffness of the structure.

The front fork is also unusual in that it isn’t a fork, the front suspension employs a double wishbone style design that they claim provides greater rigidity and stability under braking.

Aside from the fact that the EV-o RR is super sexy, what excites me most (in the most horrible geeky possible) is that we can’t be that far off the electric bike Kaneda rode in Akira, although it had “dual ceramic superconducting motors”, electromagnetic motors in each wheel. It also put out “200HP at 15,000RPM” according to Kaneda. Although, I’m not sure how much stock you can put in a comment by a fictional character in a Manga comic/film.

Still, in order for Evo Design Solutions to compete in the TTXGP they have to make the bike they compete with available for sale. Which means some lucky sod will be riding a zero emission electric super bike late this year.


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They aren’t electric tho… boo!

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