Knockhill SMRC 30th March 2008

Image of cars racing at Knockhill

I popped up to Knockhill at the weekend with some friends to watch the first Scottish Motor Racing Club event of the season. Our main reason for visiting was to see the Sports/Saloons races and two cars in particular. The old Ford Focus Built by Andy Gallacher and now owned and modified by Charlie Shaw and Andy Gallachers new car for this season: a spaced framed, 670bhp 4WD Ford Focus.


Whilst there were a number of other races on the day; the Mini Cooper Cup; Scottish Legends; XR2 and Formula Ford Championships. We were there primarily to watch the Sports and Saloons Championship races although the Classic Sports & Saloons were enjoyable too. The sports and saloons race first race was a little disappointing. It had been cold and wet in the morning but both Andy Gallacher and Charlie Shaw had gambled on the track drying enough for them to run slicks. Unfortunately it hadn’t and it was evident that neither Andy Gallacher nor Charlie Shaw (driving Andy’s old white Ford Focus) could get sufficient power down on the wet track. Andy Gallacher’s blue Ford Focus retired after the first lap with a broken drive shaft and with Charlie Shaw struggling to make his Focuses superior power count he only managed a 4th place finish.

The 2nd Sports and Saloons race of the day saw Andy Gallacher returning (having fixed his car during the break); however he was now starting at the back of the grid. As it turned out this wouldn’t matter, Colin Simpson in his blue Marcos Mantis was unable to start the second race due to a gearbox failure sustained in the first. This meant the only real competition left for Andy Gallacher on a now mostly dry track was Stewart Whyte in his ex-BTCC Accord and Charlie Shaw in Andy’s old white Ford Focus. When the race started the brutal power of Andy Gallacher’s Ford Focus was immediately apparent; passing four cars on the starting straight and continuing to pass cars till he was in the lead. Charlie Shaw also started well but seemed to slow to a point where it seemed he was just cruising round the track. I assume he picked up on a problem and decided not to destroy the hard work he put into the engine on the first meeting of the season. Andy Gallacher finished first with Charlie Shaw eventually finishing last.


More Information

Further details on Andy Gallachers 670bhp Project Focus build can be found here:
Andy Gallacher’s Ford Focus (registration may be required)

Full race results for the day at Knockhill can be found here: – Knockhill SMRC 30/03/2008

An extensive collection of photo’s from the day can be seen here:
Photo’s of Knockhill SMRC 30/03/2008 (courtesy of Adrian Gail)

A video of the 2nd race featuring Andy Gallacher’s monster can be seen here:
Andy Gallacher’s Ford Focus

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