Return of the Spyder

Auto Express reveals that Porsche are set to bring back one of their most iconic sports cars: the Spyder.  Based on the VW Bluesport the Spyder will be smaller and more efficient than any of the current crop of Porsche models, being more of a roadster than its nearest sibling the Boxster.

Due to its size power will be drawn from an efficient mid mounted 4 cylinder engine, most likely to be the 200bhp Volkswagen/Audi 2.0 TFSi with a tuned version likely to arrive shortly after its release in 2013.

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2009 Mugen Honda Civic Type-R

The current Honda Civic Type-R has been a bit of a let down for fans of the previous model, its a little tamer and suffers badly from cost cutting exercises such as the loss of independant rear suspension.  However it seems die hard fans can look forward to an even hotter version.

Mugen are to release a tuned version of the Type-R in the UK complete with an aggressive in-your-face aero kit.  Little is known about what Mugen have done to tune the car but it is unlikely they’d leave it at just a dress-up kit.  There is speculation that power will be similar to that of the JDM Civic Type-RR sedan with potentially 237bhp and 160lbft being tweaked out of the 2.0l petrol engine and driven through a six speed gearbox.

Additional rumors include no rear seats, big Brembo brakes and larger 18″ alloys to house them.

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Nissan’s New 200SX Silvia aims at MX-5?

Auto Express reports that Nissan is considering a two seater roadster as a successor to the S15 200SX. If tru then it looks as though Renault may yet let Nissan return to making a good old affordable sports cars.  With the 350Z and now the 370Z and GT-R proving to be extremelly popular why not keep giving the customers what they want?
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Swindon considers axing speed cameras

I’ve never been a fan of speed cameras, not because I’m some sort of deranged speed freak, but because I don’t think they work. I’m glad to find somebody else has the same opinion. Councillor Peter Greenhalgh, in charge of transport policy for Swindon Borough Council has stated that speed cameras were “a blatant tax on the motorist”. This comment follows news that Swindon Borough Council plan to scrap its funding for speed cameras.
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New 2nd Gen Yaris Turbo?

Could there be a hot new Yaris Turbo headed to the UK? On the face of it an article by Auto Express in January may suggest it is true, however it is more likely to be a Japanese Vitz Turbo. The UK has recently seen the release of the normally aspirated 1.8l Yaris SR which makes the addition of a more powerful 1.5l Turbo model seem unlikely.
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