Tyre Size Calculator V2: Wishlist

I’m currently working on version 2 of the Tyre Size Calculator, it’ll fix some inconsistencies in the current version and add a few new features that commentors have asked for e.g.

  • Bike Tyres
  • Mud Tyres

I’m also thinking of adding the option to specify the wheel width so you can see how fat or stretched the selected tyre size will be on a given wheel width.

If anybody has any comments of suggestions then feel free to post them below 🙂

Broken links in reference section

I noticed all of my links to supporting files within the articles in the reference section were broken, I’ve fixed the problem now so all the downloadable files are available again.

I’ve also enabled comments in the reference section, it seems I’m getting a lot of traffic to the forum which I haven’t restored properly yet. I may scrap it entirely as it has no real purpose for now.